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Irene Levangie is recognized as a leading music educator & a versatile musician. She is well known for her energetic and holistic teaching combined with excellence in artistic musical performance.

Irene was born in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, the youngest daughter of Portuguese parents. She started singing at the age of four, playing the drums in the family band at the age of five and started learning the piano at the age of eight from Professor Andrew Chow for 10 years. She graduated from the Royal School of Music. After graduating as a music teacher she went on to teach music for four years at the Yamaha Music Foundation.

In both 1979 and 1980 she was the winner of the Yamaha Guitar Festival held in Hong Kong for vocal and guitar. Throughout her career, she directed, organized and performed in concerts, competitions and festivals for the Arts Council at the Hong Kong City Hall.

Irene came to New Zealand in 1991. For the first eight years she taught Japanese language at St Mary’s College as well as teaching modern music at Technics Music Academy in Wellington. However, Irene’s first love is music, and she strongly believes that whatever experience is gained in music should be put back into music. Therefore in 2001 she started her own music business.

"I am privileged to run an experienced Academy, ably assisted by an energetic and creative team", says Irene. World Music Academy provides a recognized platform for aspiring performers - several winners and runners-up in song quests have passed through the Academy and hopefully will go on to professional careers in music.

A lot of schools tend to be academically oriented, and not a lot of hands-on is accomplished. Our school dedicates itself to playing from day one, in all styles.

Through the community and continuing education programs, we offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for students of all ages. Embedded within the Wellington community is a determination of Academy, students and alumni to shape the future of music, each in their own unique way. By exploring World Music website, you will get a sense of the many activities and initiatives.

Irene is also multi-lingual. As well as English she speaks her native language of Portuguese as well as Cantonese and Japanese and welcomes students from all countries and cultures.

Want to learn piano, guitar or advance your music skills? Feel free to Contact Irene.

As a versatile musician Irene Levangie is able to perform as soloist or as part of an ensemble. Irene offers a professional and engaging music service for your special day, or entertainment at a retirement senior centre.

Other music services include accompaniment for singers & instrumentalists, music transcription for piano, guitar and all the other instruments, a music for groups, school bands or chamber music orchestra, recording backing tracks an more, please enquire.

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 Live Entertainment, Irene Levangie
 Live Entertainment, Irene Levangie

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