Some Interesting Facts About Ukulele

  • The ukulele (or "uke" for short), is one of the first things that many people associate with Hawaii. In fact, the ukulele descended from an instrument called a 'machete do braça' or braguinha, brought by the immigrants from the island of Madeira, Portugal, who came to Hawaii in 1879. Three cabinet-makers, Dias, Nunes and Santo opened up a shop in Honolulu that created and sold the machete instruments. This instrument became very popular with people on the island, and it soon was changed into the ukulele. The main difference between the machete and the ukulele is that the machete has 8 strings, and the ukulele only has 4. Also, the ukulele is made from koa wood, which is a tree native to Hawaii. These changes helped Hawaii to create a unique sounding instrument in the ukulele.

  • Ukulele means “jumping flea” in Hawaiian. The last queen of Kingdom of Hawaii, Liliuokalani, translated Ukulele as “gift from afar”. People just call it by its common nickname: the uke.

  • The ukulele has four strings and are known by the notes: G – C – E and A. Not only are these notes acoustic, but are now electric, and sound is made when the strings are plucked.

  • Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on moon, loved to play the ukulele. In fact, after returning back from moon he spent several weeks in quarantine as others feared he may have picked up strange bacteria while in space but he actually spent much of this time in quarantine strumming his ukulele.

  • George Harrison of The Beatles was also an avid ukulele fan. At the end of “Free as a Bird“, he plays the ukulele in the style of Formby. He collected hundreds of ukuleles and was often seen strumming them or giving them away to friends.


DO YOU WANT TO PLAY THE UKULELE? Join us at Newlands Community Centre and you can learn to play the ukulele in 7 lessons.

Our course covers :

  • The essential chords for strumming,
  • Different keys to suit the singer’s voice,
  • Playing solo melodies, reading music and
  • Most of all having fun in our lessons!
Course require students to bring their own instrument to classes.

TOTAL COST : $45.00
LESSON DATES : to be announced
LESSON TIME : 7:45pm-8:45pm
VENUE : Newlands Community Centre Youth Room.

For enrolments, please contact Irene : 0223001884 or Contact us online to register

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