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Erwin Febrianto began learning guitar at the age of 13 and initially started with classical guitar. He moved to electric guitar at the age of 14 after he found it more interesting. He is influenced by musicians such as Vito Brata, Steve Vai, Antonio Vivaldi and shred master Yngwie Malmsteen, to name but few. He has successfully attained the Bachelor of Applied Arts (Music) and graduated in March 2011.


  • Awarded “The Best Musicianship Award” in 2004 from RockQuest music competition.
  • Named “The Best Technical Guitarist” at the Talking Horse Guitar Competition (Paraparaumu, 2006) and Guitar Wars (Wellington, 2008).
  • Awarded first place at the Guitar Wars guitar competition in Wellington, 2008.
Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vito Brata, Antonio Vivaldi, Niccolo Paganini, Bach, Paco De lucia, Luca Turilli

Erwin currently offers classes and workshops in Australia.


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