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We are based in Wellington New Zealand and if you live in another town or city or rural areas where you don’t have access to music lessons, why not try out our Facebook music lessons!

Online music lessons are a convenient and effective form of private and group instruction bringing students and teachers together.

In order to do so, simply book online with us by filling in the form of Live Lesson request and contacting either by email or Facebook. You can find us on Facebook under “World Music Academy”.

A Free 5 minute trial of the Live Lesson should be done 30mins before the actual lesson to confirm that the connections are running.

If you are interested in trying our Live Lesson, simply fill out the FORM below, copy-paste in your email message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your booking.

Pre-Booking for Live lesson : 24 hours prior to lesson
Cost : NZD 30.00 per 30min lesson.
Lessons from outside New Zealand : US$25.00 per 30min lesson.
All fees are to be paid via PayPal 24 hours prior to lesson.

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I would like to learn (please choose ONLY ONE of the following type of lesson you want to have) PIANO, GUITAR, KEYBOARD, UKULELE, DRUMS, BASS, VIOLIN, SINGING, THEORY, MUSIC EXAM PREPARATION
Style (please choose ONLY ONE of the following type ) CLASSICAL, POP, JAZZ
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