Piano Lessons

Meet Elisa Deng, one of our new junior keyboard students. She has only learned for 3 months, and is able to read music and memorise her pieces.

You may not be aware that the ideal time to introduce children to music is between 2 and 5 years of age. Studies show that the "language window" opens wide at age 2, then slowly closes until it is shut at age 10.

Children that are taught that playing the piano is important and enjoyable during this critical learning period develop a skill that will last a lifetime, and the earlier you start, the more benefits are gained.

Life skills are developed as a young child starts to learn to play the piano. There is no other skill known that reaches as deep into developing confidence, concentration and coordination as learning piano. Imagine using both hands, your eyes, 10 fingers, feet and brain all simultaneously.

What better way to develop confidence, concentration and coordination than through learning how to play the piano?

It's never too late to learn to play the piano. If you are an adult and want to learn to play the piano don't let thinking you are too old deter you: playing the piano isn't the same as playing a sport. Read more about our special program for adults and seniors.

The piano is a versatile instrument on which you can play a wide range of music. Irene has been teaching the piano, to students, both child and adult, for over 30 years. Book your lesson with Irene today.

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