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Our goal at World Music is both to provide music lessons to improve skills while building confidence and having fun. Sounds like we’re hitting that note – just check out what some our students and parents are saying!

"Irene Bower has taught both our children, Michael and Jessica, for 6 years. They started off learning to play the acoustic nylon-string guitar when they were in their early years at primary school. As their skills progressed, Irene had them practice as a duet/trio, and eventually introduced other instruments in her studio to them as they continued learning the guitar as their main instrument. These included the electric guitar, electric bass guitar, egg shakers and of course the drums - all the elements of a band! They thought it was pretty cool!

The opportunities and skills that Irene provided set the beginnings of their enjoyment of music in later years to come as they continued to play/jam with friends and perform in bands in schools and outside as time permitted even though they have now stopped taking lessons. What was truly invaluable were the coordination skills and confidence they acquired in playing as a group and performing to an audience.

When we first started our kids playing music, we wanted them to learn a lifelong skill and to continue to enjoy playing music in their lives. Irene Bower has certainly made a huge contribution in achieving those goals for them."

~Chin Seow and Rosanna Wong

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